Dangerous Neighbors

Bob Vickers

Bob Vickers

Whether involved as a session player for various musical outfits over the years or as an occasional Dangerous Neighbors cast member, songwriting remains the connective thread for musician/performer Bob Vickers.

His satirical musical numbers have complimented many a Bill Burman sketch over the past decade. Songs such as "The Digestive Tract Song," "Surban Satanists Song," "A Taoist Christmas," and
"(Theme from) Guns and Grog" have guaranteed audiences leave a Neighbors show not only laughing but with their feet tapping as well.

Bob also wrote the songs for his own play, 1993's A Night at the Supermarket. This homage to comedy heroes The Marx Brothers was produced by long time friend and Neighbors cohort Eric Conly.

In 2008, Bob (under the moniker "The Incredible Vickers Brothers") released the album Gallimaufry, a collection of melodic, 60's inspired folk/pop that was met with wide critical praise and nearly total public indifference.

Vickers lives in Felton and can be found shamelessly plugging songs to a captive audience of his wife Natalie and daughter Veronica.