Dangerous Neighbors

Slaughter House Nine

Sarah Phelan
Metro Santa Cruz, 1997

We could all use some irreverence in our lives. Luckily, Dangerous Neighbors delivers a delicious slice of sacrilege in its latest show, aptly titled Between Heaven and Hell. But a word of caution: Since this SC comedy troupe ain't afraid to slaughter sacred cows, the nine sidesplitting skits are not recommended for those with abdominal stitches or an abiding fear of thunderbolts.

Written by Bay Area playwright Bill Burman, each skit offers a sick and sometimes twisted glimpse of an absurd universe, every one guaranteed to divide the audience into two distinct sound camps – those of the shocked gasps and the booming belly laughs.

No matter which group one belongs to, all will love the weirdly skewered characters that people Burman's warped visions. Beginning with God as an impatient beer-swilling control freak who's hooked on TV crime shows, Burman works his way through a henpecked Hitler and down to a pair of FBI agents who're trying to get in touch with their feminine sides.

Will Armageddon screw up in Christmas? Do women wanna date Kafka? For answers to such irrelevant questions, go Randall Birch, Eric Conly, Katryn Kinser, Suzanne Schrag, Karen Schamber, and Angela Lantano.