“If satire were a weapon, the Santa Cruz theater group Dangerous Neighbors would be a heavily armed Doomsday cult.”

Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Each skit offers a sick and sometimes twisted glimpse of an absurd universe, and divides the audience into two camps, those of the shocked gasps and those of the booming belly laughs.”

Sarah Phelan, Metro

“Bill Burman could well be the funniest comic writer in Northern California.”

Michael J. Vaughn, Palo Alto Weekly

“The sketches are wickedly funny, definitely not politically correct, and mostly comprise irreverent looks at our wacky world, with particular attention paid to the lower intestinal tract.”

Ann Bennett, The Register-Pajaronian

“Besides excellent dialogue, Inferno stands out for stellar performances by all seven actors–especially producer Eric Conly.”

Mary Spicuzza, Metro

“‘Dangerous Neighbors’ is a cleverly-staged, quick-paced collection of scenes filled with oddball characters, each a little quirkier than the last. Bill Burman is the richly talented force behind the production. His comic timing is crisp and finely tuned.”

Christian Carman, Santa Cruz Sentinel

“They claim to be from another planet but they all look and act more like future stars of Saturday Night Live.”

Charles De Wald, The Good Times

“Bill’s skits are similar to Saturday Night Live skits, only with a longer shelf-life, a bit more edge and about thirty I.Q. points.”

Michael J. Vaughn in his book Atheist Evolution: Ray Bradbury’s Giraffe, Popcorn Girls and the Coyote Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge

“Last weekend’s opening of their current madness was a wild success, as sold-out full houses greeted the company’s foray into a world of topsy-turvy hilarity.”

Ann Bennett, Register-Pajaronian

The Santa Cruz/San Jose-based sketch comedy troupe Dangerous Neighbors created a new show for the Fringe Festival aptly titled, Fringeworthy. While they list “low budget” along with “adult themes” and “language” in their warnings, they don’t need to—this show looked professional and was well put-together. We gleaned several pearls of wisdom and life lessons from the show and now present them to you, for your emotional and existential growth.

Something you may or may not know about those in the service industry:

“You know, waiting tables was actually my plan B.”

Why cannibalism slips through the cracks in the Catholic Church:

“I have enough on my hands dealing with all these trumped up molestation charges.”

How to be a successful priest:

“Let a couple of unwed mothers cry on your shoulder and bless a couple of dying old farts.”

Why you shouldn’t feel threatened in the face of a giant, blood-covered weapon:

“I assure you, my harpoons are exclusively decorative.”

Why you shouldn’t complain about your job anymore, ever again:

“How would you like to be on 24-hour blow job patrol in the bus depot toilets?”

Possible reason God is not answering your prayers:

“Let’s just say I don’t spring off the Lazy Boy like I used to.”

Possible reason Jesus is not in a hurry to come back to Earth:

“Even dogs get put to sleep peacefully, the Son of God, they nail to a cross.”

–Georgia Perry, Santa