“Good-Guy-With-a-Gun” Stunned He Boosted Death Toll

Would-be “Good-Guy-With-a-Gun” Damian Willard, who attempted to shoot the suspect of America’s latest mass shooting Tuesday night at the outdoor Norwegian Blues Festival in Parched Thistle Prairie, Texas, was disappointed that he instead inflicted three additional fatalities on the festival goers.

Would-be “Good-Guy-With-a-Gun” Damian Willard and his wife Darla

“I’m not sure what happened,” a shaken Willard said in an interview Wednesday with the Parched Thistle Prairie Courier. “I don’t know how I missed him amidst all the screaming chaos and terror of hundreds of people scrambling for their lives in the dark, the muzzle blasts of the shooter’s AR-15 cutting through the cacophony of the festival as his armor piercing bullets chewed up the lawn and spit chunks of sod into the air. Somehow, I was unable to pinpoint the gunman and pick him off in the deafening turmoil, and sadly, three more Norwegian Blues fans, who simply wanted to enjoy ‘Down in the Fjords,’ lost their lives.”

Willard says he plans to be more prepared for the next mass shooting, which he hopes will be less chaotic.