In a blockbuster trade that rocked the World Religious League, the Mormon Church traded Elders Pat Scully and Mike Tupuola to the Jehovah’s Witnesses for Tyler Marshall and a second round draft pick.

Scully, last year’s MVP, has struggled this year during his mission in Liechenstein, scoring only three converts in the past six months. Some analysts claim that he had trouble adjusting to the new scheme installed by Mission President Lawrence Daly while several teammates have complained that his success last year had created too many distractions and made him lose some of his focus.

In return the Mormons acquired Tyler Marshall, a solid door-to-door proselytizer who led his congregation in converts the last three years. While Marshall has not lived up to the high expectations the Witnesses had for him, he has remained a reliable go-to guy known for keeping his head down and putting in the necessary work to make him consistently effective in tough neighborhoods previously resistant to the Witnesses’ message.

The Witnesses wasted no time in putting Scully into action, and he was on the street in Los Angeles with copies of Awake and Watchtower yesterday morning. “They run some of the same schemes that we did in Liechenstein,” Scully told reporters. “Going door to door is nothing new for me. But waiting in the train station with the little book cart takes patience.”

Scully admitted the changes in theology can be challenging as well. “I only had a day to study the Witnesses’ playbook. It’s confusing because Mormons believe that God’s true name is Elohim. But it’s actually Jehovah. And Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is Jehovah but Jesus Christ is actually Michael the Archangel but the Mormons think Adam is Michael the Archangel.”

The trade was the biggest in the WRL since star Rabbi David Berman was traded to the Catholics for Father Ryan Nowak in 2018.