Republicans Unveil “Have Your Rapist’s Baby For Jesus” Campaign Slogan

Image Burman/Cuellar

The Republican National Committee, seeking to capitalize on the jubilation of conservatives over the leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, has introduced a new slogan for the 2022 campaign: “Have Your Rapist’s Baby for Jesus!”

“We think this will give young women the opportunity to demonstrate great faith in God by bringing one of his beloved children into the world under highly challenging circumstances,” RNC spokesman Ray Lipscomb said Tuesday. “And unlike our baby-killing friends across the aisle, we think American women are up to the challenge!”

Some Republicans have expressed concerns about the possibilities of the slogan being perceived as heartless and have proposed alternate slogans thought to be more appealing. “Just Claim Fraud” and “Tax the Poor” have been suggested but have yet to gain traction with the leadership of the RNC.

But Lipscomb, a young maverick in the RNC, argues it is time for Republicans to “stop being ashamed of what we believe and go on the offensive.” While some Republicans have made a point since the leak of the draft decision of claiming that they will boost government benefits for mothers and the children born once Roe is overturned, Lipscomb scoffs at such a dramatic change in course.

“Come on, we fought Biden’s proposals for paid and parental leave for working mothers, expanded day care subsidies and a heftier child tax credit,” Lipscomb pointed out. “We fought Obamacare, which bans higher premiums for women of child-bearing age and covers birth control. And naturally Republican governors refused the Medicaid expansion that would have offered healthcare to hundreds of thousands in their states with billions of dollars from the federal government. So now who’s going to believe that suddenly the red states are going to cough up a bunch of money for these new babies and their mothers? Ten states have passed abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest. The point is to punish poorer women for getting pregnant because that’s the way Jesus wants it and I think we should be loud and proud about it.”