Dead Trump Supporter Scores Another Hit with “Militia Boy”

Deceased Trump supporter Phil Jaworski has scored another top country hit with his new song “Militia Boy.” Jaworksi, who died of the coronavirus back in March, took the country music world by storm last month with the number one hit “Buried in My MAGA Hat,” a rollicking ode to the joys of dying of COVID 19 to trigger liberals. His new song, “Militia Boy,” is a solemn salute to those brave Americans who take up arms to combat the evils of government subsidized healthcare, voting rights, and pale, skinny guys who wear black and break Starbucks’ windows.

Not smart enough for the Army

The Police said “go away”

My girlfriend said I stalked her

After she had gone astray

I never went to college

Those liberals make me cringe

But I met some guys on Facebook

Who might be on the fringe


A militia boy is what I am

I have to compensate

For what I lack in brains and talent

I make up in hate

A militia boy all dressed up

Like a counterfeit Marine

I like to jerk off

When I’m fondling my AR-15

The guns and body armor

Make me feel like a man

I don’t have to wear those white robes

Like they have to in the Clan

‘Cause I’m a “Western Chauvinist”

The modern world I made

And I did it even though

I never made it through 12th grade


I have to use my arsenal

That’s what God made it for

I’ll kill me an Antifa

Or abduct a governor

Election day I’ll be on hand

To monitor the polls

If anyone tries voter fraud

I’ll fill them full of holes