Deceased Trump Supporter Tops Country Charts with “Buried in My MAGA Hat”

Phil Jaworski, a fervent Trump supporter who died of the coronavirus in March has taken the Country music world by storm with his posthumously written hit “Buried in My MAGA Hat,” a musical encomium to President Trump that celebrates contracting the virus and dying of it as a means of “triggering the libs.”

Jaworksi, who made news last year when he warned during an interview at a Trump rally in September that “My AR-15 is locked and loaded if Democrats abuse the Constitution by using one of its provisions” in reference to House Democrats’ efforts to impeach the president, edged out Country star Randy Weatherby’s hit “Take Your Koran and Shove It” for Billboard’s top spot. Dangerous Neighbors is proud to present the full lyrics for “Buried in My MAGA Hat.”

Before the Donald came along

I was just a rube

I drank my beer

Told racist jokes

And grabbed the barmaid’s boobs

But Trump made me feel special

He really felt my pain

I caught his act in Tulsa

Just like Herman Cain


I’m Buried in My MAGA Hat

It triggers liberal folks

That I refused to wear a mask

And died from their new hoax

I’m buried in MAGA Hat

The Donald would be proud

I screamed at low paid grocery clerks

And boy did I get loud

I took Hydroxychloroquine

And puked upon the lawn

I started to hallucinate

And then joined QAnon

Instead of beer I drank some bleach

It didn’t taste that good

And it didn’t clean my lungs out

The way Trump said it would


My wife said I was foolish

For thinking Trump was great

So I had to call Sean Hannity

And report her as “Deep State”

But when I hung the phone up

I started to decline

I died in front of Fox News

As they said “Things are fine.”