Godly Christian conservative men are very concerned about other men who don women’s clothing for public entertainment and other purposes. How concerned? They think about them a lot. A lot.

These righteous followers of Jesus Christ and supply side economics, who are very secure in their own masculinity, wake up at night worrying about their young sons, whom God has created in his own heterosexual Marlborough Man image, being indoctrinated by drag performers at the local library with an assist from the blue-haired Marxist librarian.

The men in dresses who saunter through their dreams with coy smiles have made these Godly men so uneasy that now they have to attend the local Library Board meetings that they had never attended before in their entire lives to scream “Groomers!” at people who don’t agree with them.

And it isn’t just the library they have to worry about. As Tucker and that guy from Newsmax have pointed out, the schools are riddled with pedophiles and groomers. In spite of the fact that God has imbued each and every child with a healthy, glorious heterosexuality, they are all just one gay book or one groomer teacher away from slipping into a hideous “alternative” lifestyle that would compel Jesus to consign them to eternal incineration in the inferno of Hell.

That’s why they lie awake at night, bathed in sweat, thinking intently about those men in dresses.