New Poll Shows Heavily Armed Psychopaths Leaning Republican

Armed Psychopath Mike Jaworski prior to his arrest for the January 6th Insurrection. If he avoids conviction on all charges, he plans to vote Republican.

Washington, DC– A new Washington Post/ABC poll shows that 67 percent of heavily armed psychopaths are strongly favoring Republicans in the lead up to November’s mid-term elections. 18 percent of heavily armed psychopaths favored Independents, 8 percent preferred the Green Party and just 7 percent expressed a preference for the Democratic Party.

The issues most important to heavily armed psychopaths were lurid and preposterous conspiracy theories involving stolen elections, the deliberate release of the Coronavirus “plandemic” into the world by nefarious Globalists for the purpose of creating a one world government, and the massive pedophilia ring perpetrated by blood-drinking Democrats, Hollywood actors, and their Globalist confederates around the world.

Perhaps the most pressing issue for heavily armed psychopaths is the recent search warrant served at Donald Trump’s estate Mar-a-Lago. One heavily armed psychopath chose to attack an FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio last week with a nail gun and an AR-15 rather than marking his ballot in November and was subsequently dispatched by law enforcement. The gunman in that case shared the frustration of many heavily armed psychopaths with the rest of the country’s reluctance to engage in a new civil war.