Republicans: “We May Have to Do January 6th Again if Trump Indicted.”

Republicans are warning the country that, although they really really don’t want to, they may be forced to do the January 6th insurrection all over again with all its attendant vandalism, attacks on law enforcement, threats to the lives of public officials and smearing of feces on pertinent government landmarks if President Trump is indicted for illegally removing 700 classified documents from the White Houe and refusing to return them.

Senator Lindsey Graham speaking to Fox News “Sunday Night in America,” said that while “the furthest thing from my mind is issuing a veiled threat to the Department of Justice, it behooves its officials to consider the grisly hellscape America could become if peace-loving Trump supporters are forced to visit death and destruction on its cities where blood will run in the streets and Deep State heads will be impaled on spikes. But things happen, don’t they? Things break. People can get hurt. Nobody wants that.”