Confederate Monument to be Moved to Stephen Miller’s Bedroom

A memorial statue of Confederate General and early Ku Klux Klan member Lester Rochambeau Curtiss riding his horse over a naked, bound slave woman while pleasantly sipping a mint julep will be moved into the bedroom of Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller.

The monument, which the city council had voted to remove from Caucasian Meadows Park in the town of Sundown, Tennessee, was to be put in storage while awaiting a private buyer, but an emotional Miller recently burst into a council meeting with a bag of cash and bought it outright. A contract was quickly drawn up arranging for the statue to be transported directly to his bedroom in the dead of night.

Miller’s impulse purchase is unlikely to improve his image with liberals, who have pointed to the recent exposure of his emails pushing Breitbart News Website to run stories based on White Supremacist sources and questioned why he would want the enormous bronze tribute to slavery in his bedchamber.

A spokesman for Miller said in a statement Friday that “Mr. Miller’s choice to place the statue in his bedroom was based simply on available space in his house, and his desire for the quiet contemplation of the monument in private. Rumors that the senior advisor enjoys ‘pleasuring himself while viewing Confederate monuments and wearing military costumes’ are a vicious fabrication of the hateful, radical Democrats consumed with tearing our great country apart.”

When asked if “tearing the country apart” wasn’t exactly what the Confederates were doing in instigating the Civil War, the spokesman said he “did not see the connection.”