How White Men Fight by Tucker Carlson

Fox News thought they could cancel me, but they forgot one very important thing: How white men fight.

My name is Tucker Carlson and I’m white. If you’re a white man like me, you probably already know that white men fight in an honorable fashion, unlike the dusky hordes invading our open borders who know nothing of honor, duty, dignity and respect and are making our country dirtier and poorer every day.

That’s why they fired me. Because I am a white man who fights honorably. They called me a racist when I promoted the “Great Replacement” theory, which argues that Democrats and globalist elites are importing more obedient voters from the Third World in order to replace “legacy Americans” and galvanize their political power. They called me a racist when I claimed that white supremacy did not exist, when I said that George Floyd had killed himself on Derek Chauvin’s knee, when I called Iraqis illiterate monkeys, when I demanded to see Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT scores, when my head writer Blake Neff had to resign for posting ugly racist comments online.

Obviously, as a white man who fights honorably, I cannot let those baseless attacks using my very own words to stand. I’m going to fight back honorably against THEM, who is anybody who disagrees with me and who is automatically enrolled in the globalist elite and Deep State at the very moment they do so. Fox added their name to that dark ledger when they fired me.

So now I must fight back against Fox like a white man. With honor. Like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Not dishonorably like the immigrants making our country dirtier and poorer or the illiterate Iraqi monkeys would fight. I will fight back with the honor exclusive to white men who know that white supremacy is a hoax and that we must preserve the purity of America for “legacy Americans” who fight with honor because they are white.